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Debbie Kroh

Debbie Kroh, is a Southern woman, born and raised in Atlanta, GA, who followed her heart to San Francisco. Initially trained as an Art Director, she began her career in the advertising industry. For the last ten years, Working for big agencies on large multinational clients, she earned her chops delivering award winning creative solutions for brands like Safeway, Restoration Hardware, Easton Sports, AT&T and the Ritz-Carleton. While Functioning as an Art Director, Debbie was inspired to go back to school, hone her natural hair and makeup skills, and earn her California Cosmetology license. She has been applying her artistic sensibilities in the beauty business sector ever since. Her sense of styling hair and make-up, second to none; her eye to detail, unquestionable. Combining an intuitive style with an inherent artistic flair, her practice has blossomed into a unique and industry recognized expertise, she is actively sought out for weddings, photo shoots, society events and celebrity makeovers.